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Refrigeration is the heart of the back of house operations! When done right, it works for years with minor repair issues, running efficiently and saving you money on repairs and energy usage. Done wrong, you have a money pit that you can never fill!

Commercial Refrigeration is consists of A Commercial Condensing Unit, one or more, commercial evaporator coils, a thermostat, a liquid line solenoid, and an expansion valve. When these components are sized and balanced correctly and installed by qualified personnel, your life is Great and your customers and health inspectors are happy, but when it is done incorrectly, life is not so simple!

When sizing refrigeration for a walk-in cooler or a walk-in freezer or a glass door display cooler, product loads and location with regard to ambient temperatures are VERY important! We first determine your geographic location; we then size the refrigeration system to run where you are located. The walk-in cooler dimensions are taken into account, the product loads and the glass display door loads are all accounted for. Proper air flow, correct system balance, appropriate operating temperature and humidity dissipation are all key factors in prescribing the best refrigeration system mix for your project! We supply refrigeration systems manufactured by Heatcraft Refrigeration, specifically Heatcraft CHT and Heatcraft CZT models. We work with our customers to make sure that when your system arrives it meets your needs and works for years to come! Let us assist you with your Heatcraft CHT or Heatcraft CZT model systems.



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