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Call the professionals at JayComp Development, convenience store design consultants, to give your walk-in coolers a Bright New Efficient look with Anthony Doors! Style, Eye Appeal and Performance taken to new heights! With Anthony Doors, you will see New Innovative DeOur commercial coolers are second to none, and we design to meet your needs!sign Ideas and Merchandising opportunities to impress your Customers! Contact us today to design your new walk-in cooler with high-efficiency commercial refrigeration.

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Anthony’s Model 101 Performance Series 
The new and improved Anthony Model 101 Series sets an even higher standards for performance and energy efficiency in reversible cooler and freezer doors, with narrow door rail available for maximum product visibility.

Model 101 offers ENERGY-FREE or standard cooler doors, and energy-efficient freezer doors with heat-reflective glass coating for additional energy savings!
Standard Features

  • ENERGY-FREE NT doors available
  • Reversible hinge with auto hold-open
  • 2-pane non-heated (NT) glass
  • 3-pane heated reflective (LT) glass
  • Standard T-8 lighting
  • Optional ELS or Optimax2 LED lighting
  • Variety of finishes and handles
  • Standard 27″ deep white shelving
  • Matching Pass-thru doors available


Anthony Doors 401 Economy Series
of frames and doors for  walk in cooler and freezers offers easy-to-install packages complete with shelving, lights, and continuous frame lineups these products are produced  to Anthony’s high quality standards. 

Standard Features

  • Cooler & Freezer door systems
  • Non-reversible doors
  • Narrow rail: maximum viewing area
  • Non-heated or heated glass
  • Standard T-8 lighting
  • Optional “Precision” or LED Lighting
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Trimline handle; Optional full-length
  • 24″ deep white shelving
  • Matching Pass-Thru Door available


Anthony’s Eliminaator Series now available in two door & frame rail versions- standard (ELM1) or curved (ELMC) – both highly energy-efficient for  walk in cooler and freezer applications. The Eliminaator doors easily retrofit to most Anthony frames, These eliminate all glass heat in the doors, offer impressive energy savings and fast payback on investment.

Standard Features

  • Eliminates all glass heat in NT/LT doors
  • NT: Non-htd door rail, heated frame
  • LT: Heated door rail & frame
  • Optional Anti-Fog glass
  • Reversible hinge with auto hold-open
  • “ELS” T-8 lighting
  • Optional LED Slimline
  • Soft-Touch
  • CleanGrip handles
  • ELM1: Black / Silver finishes
  • ELMC: Black finish
  • 27″ Deep white shelving


The Eliminaator2 Series offers the first aluminum-rail freezer door energy-free! Anthony’s advanced technology completely eliminates all heat in its cooler in cooler and freezer doors. The Eliminaator2 door  will retrofits to most Anthony frames, the Eliminaator 2 offers huge energy savings and incredibly fast return on investment.

Standard Features

  • ENERGY-FREE cooler & freezer doors
  • Reversible hinge with auto hold-open
  • NT: 3-pane non-heated glass
  • LT: non-htd reflective, Argon-filled glass
  • Optional Anti-fog glass coating
  • NT/LT: Non-htd doors, htd frames
  • Variety of finishes available
  • ELS (T-8) lighting; Optional LED
  • Variety of finishes
  • Slimline, Soft-Touch, CleanGrip handles
  • 27″ deep white shelving



Anthony’s Model Vista  Walk In Cooler Doors 
Anthony’s Model Vista  Walk In Cooler Doors are the ultimate display door for product visibility on the market. Available in double-door or single set, this product delivers visibility to create a barrier free display between the product and the customer. Great for Convenience Store Design, Supermarket walk in cooler, and Floral Cooler Displays.

Standard Features

  • Available for new or retrofit designs
  • 2-pane non-heated (NT) glass
  • Single doors or double doors with no center opening
  • Thin profile “all-glass” doors with exclusive Vista handle
  • ELS Lighting standard (optional OptiMax 2 LED Lighting)
  • Standard 27″ Flat wire shelving (optional Gravity-Feed)
  • Optional double-wide shelving (no center posts


Anthony’s Model 2100 Designer Series
Anthony’s Model 2100 Designer Series offers a unique energy-efficient Model 101 frame and our top-of-the-line glass doors with brightly-colored silk screen glass borders with matching handles. These doors are Available for walk in cooler and walk in freezers, these stylish doors present “all glass” appearance with eye-catching colors to enhance store design and add visual impact to the products displayed behind each door.  Give your walk in cooler display Color and Contrast!

Standard Features

  • ENERGY-FREE cooler doors
  • Reversible hinge, auto hold-open
  • “All glass” front aluminum perimeter
  • Colored border in the glass
  • 3-pane non-htd or htd/reflective glass
  • Standard T-8 lighting
  • Optional ELS or LED lighting
  • 8″ & full-length colored handles
  • 27″ deep white or black shelving
  • Matching Pass-Thru door available