Madix Gondola Shelving


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Our Gondola/Wall Shelving provides retailers with a number of options for customizing each store’s fixture layout. Whether you need Gondolas, Wall Shelving, End Caps, or Three-and Four-Way Merchandisers; Jaycomp Development can match your needs with the options and design that best fits your merchandising needs.

Meticulously engineered, Gondola/Wall Shelving features high tensile steel uprights that are slotted one inch on center for convenient shelf placement. Built-in levelers and snap-together parts make installation simple while yielding an exceptional load capacity.
The thousands of accessories available for Gondola/Wall Shelving address the particular needs of each store. All parts and accessories install easily.
Madix Gondola ShelvingOur Shelving systems are strong and versatile. Each shelf has slim, sturdy, multi-position steel brackets that allow the shelf to be used in multiple merchandising arrangements. The shelf diversity provides increased product visibility while reducing the wasted space caused by bulky brackets.

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