Beer Caves


Why Buy A Beer Cave?

Beer Caves are not a new idea.  Beer has been stored in underground caves since recorded time in efforts to chill and preserve the product.  Today, we have a modern option which utilizes commercial refrigeration and walk-in coolers to preserve and merchandise the product.

Modern “beer caves” hold products at 28 degrees Fahrenheit; this is the coldest temperature possible that 3.2 % beer can be stored at. When you merchandise your beer in Beer Caves with commercial refrigeration units, you are guaranteeing  that you will have “The Coldest Beer In Town.”

These walk in coolers, now called Beer Caves, are the perfect solutions for storing one of the most popular beverages in the world. Your vendor will deliver and stock the product in your Beer Cave, your customer will transport the product to your cashier, and you will collect the profits while your customer enjoys a nice “Cold” Beverage!

Let us work with you to design your next beer cave, and you will be the talk of the Town!!  
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