Commercial Ice Machines

You need a commercial ice machine, but how big should it be? How much ice should it produce, and how often?  We’re here to answer these questions and find the exact commercial ice machine you need. Not only do we carry every major manufacturer of commercial ice machines, but we take the time to communicate with our customers, so you get exactly the right commercial ice machine… Not too big, not too small, just right!

Commercial ice machines come in a variety of sizes and production capacities. If you buy an ice machine that is too large, not only will you lose money on the initial purchase price, but also in energy costs of producing, maintaining and storing that ice. In essence, its ‘frozen money.’ At JayComp Development Inc, we will take the time to discuss your business model and plans, so you get a commercial ice machine that is perfectly suited for your business.

JayComp Development carries all major brands of commercial ice machines that meet ADA and NSF requirements, including:

We carry several different types of commercial ice machines that will suit the specific needs of your business, whether you run a restaurant, convenience store, nightclub, grocery store or if you need one for your home and office. Choose from our wide selection of ice machines such as:

  • Nugget ice machines
  • Cube ice machines (Cubers)
  • Half dice ice machines 
  • Flaked ice machines (Flakers)
  • Shaved ice machines (Shavers)

Browse our wide selection of commercial ice machines, or give our friendly customer service department a call. We’ll work to find you the right commercial ice machine at the right price. Guaranteed.


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