Liquor Store Design

A Fully Customized Floor Plan and Architectural Drawings for your Liquor Store, Convenience Store, Grocery Stores and more. We develop your project from the ground up.

Floor Plan Design

Our process of creating a floor plan and drawings for your liquor store.

Equipment and Utility Planning

Electric, Plumbing, Cooling. We plan and develop all of the mechanical systems for your convenience or liquor store.

Walk In Refrigeration Design

We design all walk in elements such as walk in coolers, and freezers.

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Liquor Store Design.

Our Store Design Process for Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, and Restaurants.

1. Floor Plan Design

We start with the floor plan.

2. Equipment Packages

We Select and arrange the equipment package Layout the Interior Walls, Then We Specify and Locate the Plumbing.

3. Framing Layout

We Then Provide the Framing Layout.

4. Electrical Layout

We provide the electrical layout and power requirements for the equipment package.

5. Walk In Coolers and Freezers

We design the Walk In Elements with refrigeration calculations and power requirements.

6. Cabinets and Shelving Layout

We then Provide Cabinet Layouts complete with cup condiment and waste receptacles.

7. Color and Graphics Designs

We then work with the customer to develop their color graphics.

8. Store Delivery Package

Then we Deliver the package and you have a store that reflects your tastes and needs complete with a functional equipment package.

JayComp Development is a liquor store design company specializing in liquor store floor plan design. Floor Plan Design includes

    • Liquor Store Floor Plans
    • Foot Traffic Patterning
    • Equipment Selection
    • Plumbing Considerations
    • Wall Framing
    • Electrical Consideration

Next, we bring together these elements with Graphics and Decor that compliments the design and bring together a package planned for your precise needs and tastes.

There are several companies in the marketplace who deal in segments of the Liquor Store needs. However, there are few businesses that comprehend what it takes to coordinate and design a Liquor Store, Grocery Store, or Convenience Store project from concept to finished job. At JayComp Development, you can have all of the segments coordinated and supplied to you from one company!

Customer Spotlight | DX’s Liquor

We designed and developed this liquor store project from the ground up. JayComp Development created the floor plan, designed the liquor store, and oversaw the entirety of the construction process including the installation of the walk in cooler and beer cave installation.


  • Full Floor Plan Design by JayComp Development
  • Walk In Cooler design and construction
  • Beer Cave Design and installation
  • Cabinets, Shelving and floor staging design

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