Turbo-Air Refrigeration

Reach-in coolers are a vital piece of equipment for convenience stores. Turbo Air is the manufacturer that brings convenience to consumers who are always on the go, so no matter if your customers are late for work, school, or recreational activities; these are top-of-the-line coolers for convenience stores all over. They provide quick and easy access to chilled products while maintaining optimal storage conditions. From drinks to snacks, reach-in coolers are an essential part of any convenience store’s operation. JayComp Develop, located in Ravia, OK, are the leaders in reach-in cooler sales, installations, and more. When your store needs better convenience options, you can reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more and set up a consultation.  

Importance of Turbo-Air Reach-In Coolers

Turbo Air reach-in coolers are necessary for convenience stores. These types of coolers offer a compact yet efficient solution for storing and displaying chilled products such as soda and juice options. They are designed to save space while still allowing easy access to the contents inside. This is especially important in smaller convenience stores where every inch of space counts. Also, these coolers come in various sizes and configurations to suit different storage needs. From various floor models, there is a reach-in cooler for every convenience store. This versatility allows store owners to customize their cooling solutions according to their specific requirements.

Types of Reach-In Coolers

There are various types of Turbo Air reach-in coolers available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some common types of reach-in coolers include:

  • Model TGM-11RV
  • Model TGM-11WR
  • Model TGM-14CR

Each of these types of coolers offers something different for convenience store owners. This line of quality coolers offers better efficiency which cuts down on energy consumption. Start with JayComp Development and save big! 

Model TGM-11RV

Fully Adjustable Wire Shelves Our fully adjustable wire shelves are made from heavy gauge metal wire, specially treated and layered with a non-corrosive coating. Simple Maintenance Our products are engineered with maintenance in mind. All refrigeration systems are on slide out rails to make maintenance and service easier. Our internal systems are positioned for easy access and repair. Refrigerated Glass Door Merchandiser Turbo Air offers a freshly refined design that maximizes the display effect.

Casters • Customized graphics • Gravity feed merchandising racks • Optional colors (Available in quantity)

NSF Standard 7 TGM-14CR, 22CR 1 Door 14 Cubic Feet 4 Shelves 1/4 HP Compressor 952 BTUH (LBP) 6.3 Amps 23.6 Wide *26.1 Deep *73.9 Tall.

Model TGM-11WR

Excellent cooling Performance Our products keep a stable temperature throughout the unit, even under heavy use. Engineered for Energy Savings Turbo Air refrigerators keep your products cold without costing you a fortune in electricity. Our compressors are highly efficient and quiet. Our refrigerator walls are insulated with a high-density, closed cell, expanded polyurethane foam, which offers a high insulation factor. Even our doors have a special film between the layers of glass to keep the cold in and the heat out. All of these features add up to a quicker pull-down time, less compressor run time, and greater savings on electricity!

Gravity feed merchandising racks

1 Door 11Cubic Feet 4 Shelves +Basket 1/4 HP Compressor 952 BTUH (LBP) 5.4 Amps 23.6 Wide *24.8Deep *63.7 Tall.

Model TGM-14CR

This Turbo Air model makes life easier for many business owners. There are different options for this model:


  • Casters
  • Customized graphics
  • Gravity feed merchandising racks 
  • Optional colors (Available in quantity)


NSF Standard 7 TGM-14CR, 22CR 1 Door 14 Cubic Feet 4 Shelves 1/4 HP Compressor 952 BTUH (LBP) 6.3 Amps 23.6 Wide *26.1 Deep *73.9 Tall.

Why are Reach-In Coolers Essential?

Convenience stores and other establishments such as restaurants and pizza shops often have a high turnover of customers who need to find their products quickly. Reach-in coolers are designed with this in mind. Turbo Air reach-in coolers allow customers to quickly locate and access refrigerated products, which can significantly improve the overall shopping experience and enhance customer satisfaction.These coolers are designed to maintain optimal temperatures for a variety of products, from beverages to ready-to-eat meals. This feature ensures that food items remain fresh and safe to consume, and beverages stay refreshingly cold.

Features and Benefits

Reach-in coolers come with a slew of features designed to meet convenience stores’ unique needs. Most models offer adjustable shelving systems, allowing for flexibility in product display and making the most efficient use of space.Many also have energy-efficient designs, which is a crucial factor in reducing operational costs. Features such as auto-defrost and energy-saving insulation contribute to this efficiency. Modern Turbo Air reach-in coolers often come with digital temperature controls and display, ensuring that the products are always kept at the proper temperature and allowing for easy monitoring making them simple to operate and ease of mind for business owners. 

Choosing the Right Cooler

When selecting a Turbo Air reach-in cooler for a convenience store, several factors should be considered. Size is a crucial factor as it should align with the store’s available space and product offering. The cooler’s layout should be suited to your product mix and the frequency with which you rotate your stock.Also, the cooler’s design and aesthetics can significantly impact the store’s overall look and feel. A cooler with a sleek and modern design can enhance the store’s aesthetic appeal, while clear glass doors can help highlight the products. These options present consumers with better visual appeal. 

Chose JayComp Development and See the Difference 

Turbo Air reach-in coolers are a cornerstone of convenience store operations. They provide an efficient way to store and display chilled products, improve the customer shopping experience, and reduce operational costs through energy efficiency. Investing in the right reach-in cooler is a strategic decision that can significantly impact a convenience store’s success. JayComp Development’s mission is to be the most respected company in the refrigeration industry. We will achieve this recognition by consistently providing the highest quality products and superior service in the most environmentally friendly manner. We strive to improve our products and services to better meet our customers’ needs. Thus, we will add value to our customers’ businesses by providing superior products and services. For better decision making on behalf of your customer’s make us your first choice in reach-in cooler sales and installations, [email protected]