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Walk in coolers also known as walk in beverage coolers, glass door coolers, and commercial coolers all have a primary purpose in your facility, to cool and effectively merchandise product.

As you know your walk in cooler is the biggest investment of your merchandising fixture selection. Both from a monetary and sales floor per foot perspectives.

Placement and Design are Critical in the creation of a productive and profitable traffic pattern that optimize revenue and keep your cooling costs low.

Did you know the most common mistakes that happen when designing a new store deal specifically with equipment selection and placement.

Common mistakes that occur with Walk In Cooler’s include:

  • Small Doors that impact your customers ability to access merchandise
  • Undersized or Poorly Balanced Refrigeration Systems
  • Limited Depth – Impacts your ability to stock without disrupting customer flows 
  • Poor Shelf Selection – Lack of size and shape options waste precious cooler space
  • Door Color choice. Silver and Gold doors tend to date a store. Black is the preferred color 
  • LED Lighting for 1/10th of the cost of T-8 Lighting 
  • Styrene vs. Urethane Foamed in Place better R factor. 
  • Choosing Upfront Savings instead of Reduced Operating Costs Which Greatly affect your bottom line for years to come!


Indoor Cooler


Glass Display Walk In Cooler


Liquor Store Cooler


Beer Caves

Operational Expenses vs. Initial Cooler Investment

With a 10-15 year investment, the operational costs and maintenance costs can far outweigh any one time saving by cutting corners on upfront cost. Consider that a lower R value will result in a higher cost to cool your unit and maintain temperature.  The lower the R and the overall design and installation will have a dramatic impact on your operational expenses of a Walk in Cooler.


We can custom design a walk in cooler specifically for your application. Including:

Why Professional Design Matters

  • Food service Walk In Cooler applications
  • Convenience store Walk In Coolers
  • Liquor Store and Package store applications
  • Refrigerated warehouse applications.
  • Beer Caves
  • Commercial Walk In Coolers
  • Commercial Walk In Refrigerators
  • Foamed in Place construction Structural Integrity and better R-Factor
  • Wood framed construction for custom sizing and Shapes
  • Workmanship warranty To Ensure your Money is Spent Wisely
  • We Produce Quality so You Will Not Be Disappointed

Common Walk In Cooler Shapes

Why Jaycomp Developments, convenience store design consultants, for your custom Walk In Cooler?

  •  U- Shaped 
  • L-Shaped
  • Cooler Freezer Combinations
  • Angled
  • Straight
  • Beer Caves
  • Or Custom Designed Angled Walk In Coolers ask us for a Quote 
  • 35 year of experience
  • Specifically to meet your needs
  • Best Warranty in the Industry
  • AutoCAD Designed to custom fit your environment
  • Experience with walk ins ranging from 8×10 to 100,000 square feet
  • Drop Shipped or on-site installations
  • Delivery energy efficient,  glass door walk in coolers, Walk in Freezers, walk in coolers,
  •   Beverage Coolers, and Floral Coolers, designed
  • Oklahoma / Texas Petroleum Marketers Association Members