Styleline Display Doors

We look forward to assisting you with your Beverage Cooler. Our area of expertise is walk-in cooler design, and we distribute the leading names in the industry when it comes to Glass Display Doors! Styleline Doors are the industry leaders when cost and efficiency are your goals! If you are planning to replace your existing beverage cooler doors or design a new walk-in cooler with matched, commercial refrigeration, we can help!  See JayComp, convenience store designers.


Styleline HyBridoor 


  • Fully compliant with The Energy Independence and Security Act as effective January 1, 2009 for all new stores and remodel projects. 
  • Sets a new standard in protection against condensation, 75% RH, a greater than 15% improvement over the old industry standard. 
  • The advanced thermal design and strategic anti-condensate heater placement deliver enhanced condensation protection with very low energy use. In a word, it’s EFFICIENT. 
  • Two year material and workmanship warranty.



Styleline Classic Plus Glass Display Doors


  • Condensation protection up to 75% relative humidity* 
  • Anti-condensate frame and mullion heaters 
  • Tempered two-pane Low-E glass coat and gas-filled 
  • NSF-certified door, frame and shelving systems 
  • UL-certified door and frame 
  • Side-mount, easy to change door handles 
  • Reliable door hinging system, hold open cam and one-time adjustment torque rod


Styleline 20//20 Plus Glass Display Doors


  • Guaranteed condensation protection 
  • Anti-condensate door, frame, glass & mullion heaters 
  • Tempered two-pane – Low-E & gas filled 
  • NSF-certified door, frame & shelving systems 
  • UL-certified door & frame 
  • Side-mount, easy to change door handles 
  • Reliable door hinging system, hold open cam & one-time adjustment torque rod

Standard Display Door Package Includes

  • High output T-8 electronic lighting 
  • Pre-wired and fully integrated energy control system 
  • Heavy-duty 27 inch shelving with price tag molding 
  • Shelf standards (posts) with brackets and levelers.

Optional Upgrades & Accessories

  • Advanced Lighting System (ALS) with prism lens 
  • LED lighting system 
  • Full-length handle 
  • Slide-Trac® shelving system 
  • Super Slide-Trac® gravity-flow shelving system 
  • Integrated locking system



Re-Engineered for High Volume Use

The STYLELINE Heavy-Duty Plus Entrance Door stands up to the highest traffic areas and provides shopper-friendly, trouble-free performance. 


  • Top-mounted heavy-duty hydraulic closer 
  • Three heavy-duty hinge design per door 
  • Available in Classic® Plus 
  • Condensation protection up to 75% relative humidity 
  • Energy Controller pre-wired 
  • NSF-certified door and frame 
  • UL-certified door and frame 
  • Removable threshold 
  • Push bar 
  • 36”W x 80”H, 36”W x 84”H, single & double and custom sizes * * ADA compliant 

STYLELINE Exclusive Standard Features 

  • Stainless steel trim 
  • Easy-clean coved frames 
  • Stainless bottom kick plate 
  • Push Bar 
  • Lifetime finish in satin black or anodized bright silver, satin silver or bright gold 

Optional Upgrades & Accessories 

  • Door locks and heavy duty bumper guards 
  • External kick plate 
  • Advanced Lighting System with T-8 electronic lighting and prism lens 
  • LED lighting system 
  • Full-length handle 
  • Finish upgrade in anodized bright black or premium Splash colors 
  • High output T-8 lighting with energy-efficient ballast 
  • Available in 20//20® Plus model


Maximize Your Merchandising Dollars 
STYLELINE® Super Slide-Trac® gravity-flow shelving offers maximum flexibility for you and an inviting display for your customers.


  • Items move forward automatically when product is removed from the front — even the last product on the shelf is easily visible to customers 
  • Designed to withstand cold environments and high volume 
  • Extra shelf depth ensures you’ll have plenty of product on display when you need it 
  • Three-position adjustable shelves provide flexibility for maximum merchandising impact and allows for varying shelf depths and container sizes 
  • Full perimeter guards adjust vertically to accommodate container heights 
  • Lane dividers ensure product is always neatly lined up 
  • Ideal for displays that change regularly 

Package Includes 

  • Heavy-duty, epoxy-coated, NSF-approved shelving 
  • Three-position adjustable shelves in white or black 
  • Color-coordinated posts 
  • Front and back Price Tag Molding 
  • Lane dividers 
  • Full perimeter guard 
  • Rugged, removable glide sheets for easy clean-up