Commercial Walk In Coolers

Walk-in coolers, also known as walk-in beverage coolers, glass door coolers, and commercial coolers all have a primary purpose in your facility: to cool and effectively merchandise your products.

Common mistakes that occur with Walk In Coolers include:

As a 10-15 year investment, the ongoing operational and maintenance costs can far exceed any up-front savings by cutting corners on walk-in cooler quality. Consider that a lower R value will result in a higher cost to cool your unit and maintain temperature. The lower the R, and the overall design and installation will have a dramatic impact on your operational expenses of a walk in cooler. Often, lower quality and cheaper coolers can also mean the following mistakes:

  • Small doors that impact your customers’ ability to access merchandise
  • Undersized or poorly balanced refrigeration systems
  • Limited Depth – Impacts your ability to stock without disrupting customer flows
  • Poor Shelf Selection – Lack of size and shape options waste precious cooler space
  • Door color choice. Silver and gold doors tend to date a store. Black is the preferred color
  • LED lighting for 1/10th of the cost of T-8 lighting
  • Styrene vs. Urethane Foamed in Place – better R factor
  • Choosing upfront savings instead of reduced operating costs, which greatly affect your bottom line for years to come!

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Why JayComp Development? Convenience Store Design Consultants for Your Walk In Cooler Needs.

As you know, your walk in cooler is the biggest investment of your merchandising fixture selection, both from a monetary and sales floor per-foot perspective.

Placement and design are critical in the creation of a productive and profitable traffic pattern that optimizes revenue and keeps your cooling costs low.

Did you know the most common mistakes that happen when designing a new store deal specifically with equipment selection and placement?

Why Choose JayComp Development

  • 35 year of experience
  • Specified to meet your needs
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • AutoCAD Designed to custom fit your environment
  • Experience with walk ins ranging from 8×8 to 100,000 square feet
  • Drop Shipped or on-site installations
  • Delivery of energy-efficient,  glass door walk in coolers, Walk in Freezers, walk in Beverage Coolers, and Floral Coolers
  • Oklahoma / Texas Petroleum Marketers Association Members

The Installation Process

Commercial Refrigeration is consists of a commercial condensing unit, one or more commercial evaporator coils, a thermostat, a liquid line solenoid, and an expansion valve. When these components are sized and balanced correctly and installed by qualified personnel, your life is great and your customers and health inspectors are happy! But when it is done incorrectly, life is not so simple!

When sizing refrigeration for a walk-in cooler or a walk-in freezer or a glass door display cooler, product loads and location with regard to ambient temperatures are VERY important! We first determine your geographic location; we then size the refrigeration system to run where you are located. The walk-in cooler dimensions are taken into account, the product loads and the glass display door loads are all accounted for. Proper air flow, correct system balance, appropriate operating temperature and humidity dissipation are all key factors in prescribing the best refrigeration system mix for your project! We supply refrigeration systems manufactured by Heatcraft Refrigeration. We work with our customers to make sure that when your system arrives it meets your needs and works for years to come! 

Why Professional Design Matters

We can custom design a walk in cooler specifically for your application. Including:

  • Food service walk In cooler applications
  • Convenience store walk in coolers
  • Liquor store and package store applications
  • Refrigerated warehouse applications.
  • Beer Caves
  • Commercial walk In coolers
  • Commercial walk in refrigerators
  • Foamed in Place construction
  • Structural integrity and better R-factor
  • Wood-framed construction for custom sizing and shapes
  • Workmanship warranty To ensure your money is spent wisely
  • We produce quality so you will not be disappointed

Common Walk In Cooler Shapes

  • L-Shaped
  • U-Shaped
  • Cooler Freezer Combinations
  • Angled
  • Straight
  • Beer Caves
  • Custom Designed Angled Walk In Coolers

Walk In Freezer Applications

Walk in Freezer applications are serious business. If you make the wrong turn, you could have problems for the life of your project!   

When designing your walk in freezer project, you need a company that understands the problems that can arise! When you deal with JayComp Development’s convenience store design consultants you will have that security. In the design phase, we determine your ambient temperature, the location of the project (either indoor or outdoor), the scope of the product to be frozen, and your application for the freezer: pull down walk in freezer, a storage walk in freezer, or a display walk in freezer. We offer a full line of freezer doors for merchandising, also strip curtains, air curtains, and seal options to ensure your walk-in does not freeze up internally! We also combine balanced commercial refrigeration systems that match your application and perform as designed!

Call us today to discuss your needs for a walk in freezer and commercial refrigeration package, designed specifically for your project!

Glass Door Walk-In Freezers

We offer a wide variety of Glass Door Walk-in Freezers. We will need some information to correctly bid your project. For Example: Operation Temp 0, -5, -10, -15, or -20 will determine the thickness of panels for your freezer. Do you have 220/1 or 220/3, indoor, or outdoor application, do you need insulated floor, type of floor finish, interior or exterior ramp, is your elevation above 5000, etc


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Simplicity Refined

Introducing the New intelliGenTM Refrigeration Controller



The intelliGenTM Refrigeration Controller is a factory-mounted electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. intelliGen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.

Front-Line Technology for your Walk In Cooler

Heatcraft developed intelliGen to give end-users more effective control of their product integrity. intelliGen reduces temperature fluctuations and lets them know when their product is at risk. With remote monitoring, contractors and end-users receive instant notifications via text, email, Building Management System (BMS) or web.

Heatcraft intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

intelliGen incorporates intuitive design, simple installation and smart servicing. Heatcraft developed a user interface that allows the operator to immediately know when and where there is a problem in their refrigeration system. The intuitive interface quickly guides refrigeration technicians through system configuration in minutes, not hours. Features, such as full text display and bright light bar with alerts, help reduce diagnosis, servicing and downtime. An optional field-installable intelliGen Webserver Card (iWC) enables local and remote monitoring on any smart phone, tablet or laptop.

“intelliGen delivers tremendous benefits to the refrigeration contractor and end-user. For the end-user, the remote access will immediately allow them to know if their product is at risk.

intelliGen gives end-users peace of mind that their product is being kept cold and helps them focus on what is important, which is serving their customers,” stated Shashwat Nath, Heatcraft Controls Product Manager. “intelliGen is the easiest electronic control in the market. With the intelliGen intuitive user interface, the contractor can start up a refrigeration system in less than two minutes versus up to two hours to install a conventional mechanical control.”

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Our Top Brands and Manufacturers

Heatcraft Refrigeration

We stock an array of Medium and Low Temp Hermetic Condensing units from .5 HP to 6 HP Scroll Lowtemp Units Single and Three Phase available for Same Day Shipment!!

Leer, Inc. (Carroll Coolers)

For Foodservice, Healthcare, Industrial, Scientific and Specialty applications alike, Leer manufactures custom designed Walk-In Coolers across our lineup of Soft Rail, Wood Rail, and High-Density Rail Walk-In Coolers.

KPS (Kysor Panel Systems)

KPS Global® is the largest provider of custom walk-ins to the convenience store, variety, supermarket, and warehouse club markets. With each unit custom-built to your specifications, our walk-in coolers and freezers set the industry standard.

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