Commercial Walk-In Coolers

Common Problems With Walk-In Coolers & Refrigeration Systems

Investing in the most high-quality option for your walk in cooler is key to saving costs and maximizing your profit over the years. We know it can be tempting to cut corners up front with a cheap refrigeration system, but consider the consequences. For instance, a system with a lower R value will result in a higher cost to cool your unit and maintain temperature. In addition to a low R value, the overall design, and improper installation of a cheap option will have a dramatic impact on your walk-in cooler operational expenses over time. Often, lower quality and cheaper coolers can also mean the following mistakes:

  • Small doors that impact your customers’ ability to access merchandise
  • Undersized or poorly-balanced refrigeration systems
  • Limited Depth – Impacts your ability to stock without disrupting customer flows
  • Poor Shelf Selection – Lack of size and shape options waste precious cooler space
  • Door color choice. Silver and gold doors tend to date a store. Black is the preferred color
  • LED lighting for 1/10th of the cost of T-8 lighting
  • Styrene vs. Urethane Foamed in Place – better R factor


Commercial Walk-In Coolers

Commercial walk-in coolers are refrigerators specially designed for commercial use. They are typically rated to hold large quantities of food at optimal temperatures while maintaining their durability and reliability in the long term. This makes it essential for commercial walk-in coolers and fridges to perform at a very high insulation standard. 


A typical walk-in cooler has four parts: The evaporator/refrigeration unit, the exterior paneling, the insulation, and the interior paneling. The exterior paneling is typically made of metal or another sturdy material to withstand rigorous day-to-day activity that would compromise a non-commercial fridge’s bodywork. The insulation helps maintain an optimal temperature inside by minimizing heat transfer inside and outside the refrigerator. Interior wall paneling can vary depending on preference but should always be made from durable materials such as embossed galvanized steel which can be white or black backed enamel.  The exterior of the panel and the interior of the panel are the same 26 gauge embossed metal however surfaces that will be visible after installation particularly the interior is recommended to be White which adds light and eases cleaning.  We offer premium finishes like stainless steel but those are typically found in laboratory settings.


Maintaining optimal temperature inside the cabinet is essential for ensuring the safety of any food you may have stored. A system is set up to regulate the interior temperature by cycling the refrigeration system to maintain optimum temperature.


What is a Commercial Walk-In Cooler?

A commercial walk-in cooler is a refrigerated room meant to store perishable food in a controlled environment. Commercial walk-in coolers are typically used for storing items in restaurants, medical facilities, and supermarkets.


While there are several different types of commercial walk-in cooler options available on the market today, the traditional design consists of an outer and inner shell made out of galvanized steel panels with insulation composed of polyurethane between two layers. Walk-in cooler service doors are made of the same material and normally include a hydraulic closure gravity fed hinges or torsion hinges to ensure the door closes completely upon entering and leaving the walk-in cooler or freezer. The interior of the door has a safety release so the employee can easily open the door from the interior of the vault. 


Benefits of Commercial Walk-In Coolers 

Walk-in coolers provide benefits that will help increase your bottom line. They can be built into new or existing structures with relative ease, allowing you to save costs on construction and additional expenses associated with adding a separate structure.


Saves You Money

Walk-in coolers are designed to minimize energy consumption, so you pay less for utilities over time. Since most systems are pre configured before installation, it’s easy to create a custom design tailored to fit your needs – which translates into reduced operational costs for you.


Easy To Maintain

These types of units are also easy to maintain. Unlike standard units that can be difficult to access, walk-in coolers allow for service and repair without taking the unit out of service.

These units offer many benefits, including energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and increased refrigeration capacity – all designed to save you money.



Commercial walk-in coolers are designed to increase your business’s capacity and energy efficiency. This means you’ll find that units are generally larger than standard units, which provides you with more interior space.


Additionally, walk-in coolers use various ways of drawing in fresh air to reduce the load on the refrigeration system; this feature will increase the life of your compressor while simultaneously increasing its efficiency level.



Commercial walk-in coolers are customizable, which is an excellent benefit because it makes them versatile to be better for your business. We design the walk in to fit your available space all walk ins that we provide are drawn using computer aided drafting and then submitted to automated machines which make the cuts and bends to exacting tolerances of as little as 1/16 of one inch.  Every walk in is designed to fit your available space. 


High Quality and Durable

Commercial walk-in coolers are very high quality and durable. They are constructed using high-quality materials and proper insulation to ensure you get the best possible experience from your walk-in cooler or freezer. By choosing one of these durable and efficient walk-in coolers, you’ll realize just how much you stand to gain. All of these walk in coolers are UL NSF and CUL rated for customer safety.


A Great Investment for Your Business

Walk-in coolers and freezers provide significant benefits to your business, such as reducing energy costs with their energy efficiency; this is done by making clever use of the cold air already present in the room. Additionally, they can maintain low temperatures for food storage and distribution. 

Walk-in coolers and freezers offer an efficient and cost-effective way to store your product. These commercial units can be customized with various access doors, allowing for easy loading and unloading of large or small items.


Why Your Business Should Have a Commercial Walk-In Cooler

The walk-in cooler is an excellent way to ensure that perishable goods are stored, displayed, and distributed at specific temperatures. This commercial unit can be used for various applications, including food services, industrial storage, and more. These industrial units come in many sizes. Essentially, the size you will need depends on the amount of product storage your company needs. Larger models are designed to store large quantities of produce or prepared foods, while smaller units can store bottles or cans. 


Here’s why you should have one:

Keeps perishable goods organized

Purchasing a walk-in more astonishing may seem overkill if you only need it for occasional use or a small amount of storage. However, the organization and convenience that comes with owning one will make you wonder why you waited so long. An industrial cooler keeps your product neat and organized- allowing you to track inventory and restock quickly.

Maintain proper temperature

Proper temperature management is the most crucial factor for storing perishable goods. For this reason, all commercial coolers are built with advanced insulation technology, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and effective temperature control throughout the cabinet. Single or double door models may be ideal, depending on how often you need to access the unit.

Save money & time

Improper food storage can lead to millions of dollars in wasted product each year- not to mention the time and man-hours wasted going through the product! For this reason, it is essential to make sure you have a reliable cooling system in place. Commercial coolers can help save money on lost products by keeping track of everything from perishables to beverages.

Track inventory & restocking

Properly storing your inventory will allow you to effectively manage how much product is available at any given time. Walk-in coolers allow business owners to see what needs restocking or managing quickly. You can also add bins within the unit for better organization and storage tracks.

Increase safety

Food poisoning is no joke, especially if you own a restaurant where patrons are coming back again and again for your delicious food. Walk-in coolers are designed to move & dispense food in a sanitary way, keeping your customers happy and healthy.

Customized design

Walk-in coolers are available with custom door styles, colors, interior options, etc., to best fit your business’s needs. Whether you want something that matches the rest of the decor or you need an extra-tall unit for storing cases of beer, there is likely a walk-in cooler that will best suit your company.

Our Installation Process

Commercial refrigeration consists of a commercial condensing unit, one or more commercial evaporator coils, a thermostat, a liquid line solenoid, and an expansion valve. When these components are sized and balanced correctly and installed by qualified personnel, your life is great and your customers and health inspectors are happy! But when it is done incorrectly, life is not so simple!


When sizing refrigeration for a walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, or a glass door display cooler, product loads and location with regard to ambient temperatures are VERY important! Our process is engineered with diligence as a priority:


  1. Determine your Geographic Location & Size the Refrigeration System Accordingly
  2. Measure & Record Dimensions, Product Loads, and Door Loads
  3. Estimate Refrigeration System Mix Considering Air Flow, Balance, Operating Temperature, and Humidity


We work with our customers to make sure that when your system arrives it meets your needs and works for years to come!


Why JayComp Development? Convenience Store Design Consultants for Walk-In Refrigeration and More.

As you know, your walk-in cooler is the biggest investment of your merchandising fixture selection, both from a monetary and sales floor per-foot perspective.


Placement and design are critical in the creation of a productive and profitable traffic pattern that optimizes revenue and keeps your costs low.


Did you know the most common mistakes that happen when designing a new store deal specifically with equipment selection and placement?


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